Ramage Elementary School

MultiCultural Plan

1.  Harvest Day/Heritage Day
        This is a day filled with life from times gone past.  Students will enjoy activities such as candle-making, caramel
apples,  old fashioned games, quilting, making butter, hayrides, outdoor cooking and much more.  This day is planned for early Fall. 

2.  Black History Month
             Each classroom will choose an important/famous African-American and do research on this 
person.  Students will make a poster (which will be displayed in the hall) listing facts on their chosen person and present this to the entire school during morning announcements.

3.      Martin Luther King, Jr.

         Students in each classroom study the life of Martin Luther King Jr. or read a book

about him.  They have discussions about their own dream.  All dreams are displayed in the hallway for all students to see.


 4.  Counselor

             Many character education lessons are implemented and presented by the counselor.  The lessons are implemented in every grade.  The kindergarten curriculum teaches self worth, empathy and forgiveness.  First graders are encouraged to show respect, responsibility, and forgiveness.  The lessons also encompass no-bullying.  Second graders are introduced to multiculturalism and self-worth.  The third graders discuss conflict resolution, multiculturalism, respect, and bullying.  Next, the fourth graders compare and contrast decision making.  Lastly, the fifth graders are introduced to schools to work, coping, and peer relations.  Fifth graders are also challenged to determine excellent decision-making skills through an activity called "Plane Crash Survival". 


5.  Red Ribbon Week

              Red Ribbon Week is the last week of October.  It is a drug awareness activity.  The students are given red ribbons to wear. They wear the ribbons all week.   The homeroom parents determine a theme and have a door-decorating contest.   Every homeroom class participates.   During the week, there are different activities for the students.  Some of the activities have been crazy hair day, hat day, backward clothes day, and wear red.

             A representative of the Boone County Sheriff’s department brings the drug dog

and talks to students about drugs.  The school nurse discusses topics related to drugs with

the students.  State police officers are also invited to discuss the harmful effects of tobacco and alcohol use.  All students sign a pledge to stay drug and alcohol-free.


6.  SF reading/Social Studies/Health Stories

              The Scott Foresman series that we utilize has various stories that discuss different cultural activities. Biographies are found throughout the reading series. The health series has units on responsibility, fairness, and sharing. Our Social Studies series has many autobiographies. 

              There are units that include bullying, fairness, sharing, respect, manners, and decision-making activities.  Teachers bring these topics to life for students by showing them how they apply to real life.