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Ramage Elementary School



® Do’s:         

®  Dress appropriately

®  Always bend down to talk and listen at the student’s eye level

®  Use a positive approach

®  Ask students about their activity

®  Remind students to pick up after themselves and to put things back where they belong

®  Allow students to work independently

®  Join in the activities of the day

®  DO what you promise to do:  if you volunteer for something, follow through

®  If something concerns you, speak with the teacher or Mr. Dotson

® Don’ts:      

®  Gossip about the children of your neighbors and friends.  DO NOT inform parents how their child is doing. If another parent ask about their child, tell them to speak with the teacher.


®  Discipline any child

®  Use criticism with any child

®  Talk about the staff to others; unless it is positive

® TB Test

® Must have one before volunteering

® Must provide written verification/proof

® If you handle food, you must take a food handler’s course 1x every 2 years + have a TB test


® Things To Do:

® Complete application to become a Parent Volunteer today

® Furnish proof of TB test; may send this to us

® Sign up for committees, etc…



                                        THANK YOU FOR BEING A

                                         PARENT VOLUNTEER AT







Parent Page Information



 PTO-Parent/Teacher Organization

            The Ramage Elementary School PTO is an active organization that wants all parental support.  This organization has been formed to allow parents and teachers the opportunity to work together in providing our boys and girls with the best possible school experience.  You are encouraged to attend each and every PTO meeting.  At this time, the meetings are not yet scheduled, a notice will be sent home when these have been set.  Your involvement will make a difference for our school.


            Parents are encouraged to contact the school any time they want to discuss their child’s work.  They should call in advance so that a meeting time can be planned to accommodate both parents and teacher.   A teacher cannot be called out of the classroom to take a phone call except in an emergency.  The school will schedule parent conferences at the mid-nine weeks.

            In September the PTO will schedule an Open House so parents and teachers can have room visitation.  Prior to some of the PTO meetings teachers will be available for room visitation.  Many times the teachers may need to call YOU to set up a time when you can come into the school for a conference.  If you or your child have a problem, please feel at ease to call to set a meeting with the Family Support Team (Student Assistance Team) which is designed to assist parents and students when a problem should arise.



            Students in Kindergarten through fifth grade will have a student planner to help them stay organized.  Parents are encouraged to check the planners each night to see if their child has any assignments yet to do.  Important notes of interest may be written in the planners.  They will also be filled with helpful hints to use when working with your child.



     If your child is absent from school, please contact your child’s teacher to obtain missed assignments.  Homework will be sent home during the student’s absence if the teachers are notified early in the morning so the homework can be picked up in the evening.  Teachers will store their grades in a program called Engrade.  Parents are able to access their child’s grades at any time through a program called Engrade via the internet.  Parents will be given more information on how to do this at the Open House in September.  Parents are encouraged to check their child’s grades regularly.



     School is important.  It is imperative that your child attend school every day school is in session.  We realize that children do become ill and must be absent from school.  When scheduling doctor’s appointments, please try to make these for late afternoon.  When your child is absent, it is the responsibility of the parent to furnish a written excuse to the child’s teacher.  Students are allowed 6 home excuses per year.  After 5 unexcused absences, we will send you a letter requesting a conference.  Upon receipt of 10 unexcused absences, the attendance director will proceed with legal action against the parent.